“Ticket To Ride”

The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow

What will they think of next to exploit Beatles music? Back in 1970 it was the StereoAction Orchestra, created and directed by Cyril Ornadel.

I found this in a local charity shop for £1. It was worth the money just to be able to have a listen to this, I didn’t know what to expect. I must admit I thought it would be a compilation of remakes by studio hacks playing this material to pay their bills.

All of the numbers are orchestrated instrumental passages, mostly strings and brass inversion but with the occasional burst of fuzz guitar and hammond organ groove.

It’s the kind of non-thinking – easy style creations to play in the background when the vicar calls ’round for a cup of tea and a slice of Battenberg cake.

Back cover liners:

The StereoAction Orchestra was especially created by Cyril Ornadel to bring a new dimension to stereophonic recordings.

In the ’70s it’s no longer enough for the stereo enthusiast to hear his music played in the conventional stereo form, the music must move.

The StereoAction Orchestra has been arranged and recorded by Cyril Ornadel so that the music moves constantly. Together with producer Geoffrey Heath they have treated the results with the latest “moving screen process” used for the first time on this series of records.

What can one say about the Beatles . . . The most prolific songwriters of this decade. From their phenomenal output StereoAction Orchestra has taken what have now become Beatles classics: “Yesterday”, “Michelle” and “Hard Day’s Night” to name but a few. Beatles fans, stereo addicts, lovers of the best in contemporary music will love this album.

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