“Cum On Feel The Noize”

Glam Rock Era revisited with versions of hits originally performed by Slade, Gary Glitter and T-Rex

There’s a very good recreation of Slade‘s “Cum On Feel The Noize” which must have been a difficult job especially for the vocalist. How on earth can anyone else sing with the same power and unique style of Noddy Holder. But whoever the session guy was on this ‘Top Of The Pops’ version nailed it. Great use of hand-claps near the end of the number!

The rest of side one is squaresville pop until we get to the closer “Hello! Hello! I’m Back Again” – in almost one year of raking around charity shops for unloved records I’ve never found any Gary Glitter releases!! What’s that all about? It appears that any Glitter donations are immediately thrown in the bin.

Over on side two the studio professionals have a go at capturing the dirty crunch rawness of the lead guitar and battering drum action of “20th Century Boy” and they succeed. The vocalist even sounds like Marc Bolan, possibly even better than the tiny electric warrior.

Back cover liners:

So we’re coming up to our 5th anniversary. 

Fifth anniversary of what? You may well ask. Well, just about five years ago we unleashed our first “Top of the Pops” on an unsuspecting public and – we’re happy to say – history was made.

Thanks to you good folk who appreciate good Pop music at a reasonable price, that historic volume 1 of “Top of the Pops” was a smash hit and so were all the subsequent volumes. 

What’s more we’ve had four Number Ones in the L.P. charts and this of course means we outsold all the biggest international names in Show Business with those runaway best-sellers. Knowledgeable pop fans don’t consistently buy a series of albums on such an enormous scale unless they are well and truly satisfied, so here we are with this, our 30th volume. 

Just look at the 12 fabulous tracks we’ve chosen for you! We’re the market leaders in our field because we’re not here to make a fast buck. We’re here for good; to satisfy a genuine requirement of pop people all over the world. 

So get moving to these tunes, have fun and let’s all make a little more history by making volume 30 the biggest hit of the decade. 

“TOP OF THE POPS” is consistently Britain’s best-selling L.P. record.

Side 1

  • Cum On Feel The Noize Originally a hit for Slade
  • Get Down Originally a hit for Gilbert O’Sullivan
  • Tie A Yellow Ribbon Originally a hit for Dawn
  • Love Train Originally a hit for The O’Jays
  • Tweedle Dee Originally a hit for Little Jimmy Osmond
  • Hello! Hello! I’m Back Again Originally a hit for Gary Glitter

Side 2

  • 20th Century Boy Originally a hit for T. Rex
  • I’m A Clown Originally a hit for David Cassidy
  • Good Grief Christina Originally a hit for Chicory Tip
  • The Twelfth Of Never Originally a hit for Donny Osmond
  • Power To All Our Friends Originally a hit for Cliff Richard
  • Duelling Banjos Originally a hit from the ‘Deliverance’ Soundtrack

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