Arranged and Conducted by Gary Sherman

Gene Pitney! You’re all aware of this popular entertainer from the early sixties surely? Well, I’m not. The only record of Gene’s I’ve ever bought was his long forgotten and totally ignored “Animal Crackers (In Cellophane Boxes)” single from 1967 – a psychedelic-tinged weird trip-out.

This album catches Gene Pitney, perhaps at the height of his fame, recording squaresville balladry with his distinctive vocal delivery. All decent and professional if you’re into that kind of bag. I’m just pleased I only paid a quid for it!

Back cover liners:

In the exciting, but extremely demanding world of show business, there are very few people who reach the top rung of the ladder of success. One of the people who achieved these heights, and held a consistency of hits over the past years, is Gene Pitney.

Gene is one of the rare talents to be able to sustain through a period of many fads and changing likes in the music world. Some of his biggest hits have been “Mecca”, “Love My Life Away”, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”, “Only Love Can Break A Heart”, “Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa” and “Town Without Pity”. The latter song was the theme from the Kirk Douglas movie of the same name, which Gene performed at the Academy Award presentations.

Songwriting has played an important part in Gene’s career. His earlier efforts as a recording artist were written by him, and he has received two B.M.I. writing awards for “He’s A Rebel” by the Crystals, and “Hello Mary Lou” by Rick Nelson.

Gene has also written hits for Steve Lawrence, Roy Orbison, Tommy Edwards, June Valli, and many others.In the past few years Gene has been acclaimed throughout the world as a top International recording artist.

A constant top ten seller in such countries as England, Italy, France, Australia, South America, New Zealand, Japan and Hong Kong.Gene records in Spanish, Italian, French and German as well as English. His travels involve some 100,000 miles a year, and really keep Gene on the move.

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