WORLD TOP 12 – VOLUME 42 (FLAG 042) MARCH 1973

WORLD TOP 12 – VOLUME 42 (FLAG 042) MARCH 1973
“California Saga”

The reconditioned hits of early 1973

The long list of English budget label releases continues with this one on Flag Records, a subsidiary of Boulevard, and pressed by Allied Records Ltd. This is my first ever Flag find in a charity shop!

This release has a lot of recreations I’ve found on other budget labels, such as “Blockbuster”, “20th Century Boy” and “Cum On Feel The Noize” – it will be a hoot to remaster all of these covers and play ’em side by side.

The version of “20th Century Boy” on this compilation is not as wild as the one on “12 Tops” that I posted yesterday. The drums are less in your face, there is a heavy use of hand-claps and background female voices. Still a decent attempt though.

The most interesting number on here is the semi-hit “California Saga”, released by the Beach Boys during February 1973. It only just crept into the top forty, perhaps Flag Records thought it would have done much better than it did.

Fantastic cover of a ’60s model clarting about in what appears to be a bubble. Her tight-fitting silvery jump-suit has a couple of front pockets, just in case she needs to nip to the local corner shop for some spuds.

Also, special mention for the gold lettering on black background record label. This of course looks ace. Top marks to the designer.

Back cover liners:

The Beach Boys are back, along with our own superstars like Slade, T Rex, Faces etc! The charts are looking wide open again, with a mixture of sounds and styles, something to appeal to all tastes.

On the issue of FLAG, there are the hits of all these stars, plus more greats, all performed so close to the original that you’ll have to listen carefully to know the difference!

We hope you enjoy our latest album in this series – we are pretty certain you will if you love the music of TODAY.

charity shop purchase @ £1

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