“Great Balls Of Fire”

20 Golden Hit songs of the 50s

The front cover picture shows a rebellious lookin’ Ted dancin’ with his girl – rock and roll style. My guess is that the record label paid these two individuals money to pose for the photographs. They appear to be REAL and living that lifestyle oblivious to whatever was seen as “IN” during 1973 – when this album was released.

Made-up clowns dressed to look the part stick out like a sore thumb. Fakes are relatively easy to spot, but this couple of rebels look the real deal. No doubt poached from a local Rock and Roll Revival Hop.

Sadly most of the rock and roll cover versions of the selected 50s classics here are weak, some even appalling. There just isn’t the heart or soul in the numbers to the same degree of the originators. Simply going through the motions isn’t good enough on a recording.

On Side One “Bye Bye Love” isn’t too bad, the vocals are high pitched though. It must be impossible to recreate the Everly Brothers‘ harmonizing. The singer on this version probably needed his vocals double-tracked.

There’s some hot and pulsating lead guitar on “Move It” and especially on the Jerry Lee Lewis cracker “Great Balls Of Fire” but like most everything on this album, the vocalists are performing in a perfunctory way, without any enthusiasm or commitment.

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