“Such A Shame”

A retrospective of the Bee Gees albums ‘Horizontal’ and ‘Idea’

I had no idea that this Bee Gees compilation existed on Polydor until I found it in a bargain bin of records at a local second-hand charity shop in Birtley.

I have all of the Bee Gees material from the sixties, I’m full of admiration for their creativity and psych-tinged music from that whimsical period in their career. All of the material on this compilation merges two of their successful albums.

There are five songs from the album “Horizontal” and a total of seven from “Idea” – quite why this was released a few years after those is a mystery. Surely they would have still been available in record stores. It could have been for contractual reasons of course.

I’ll focus my attention to one song in particular, Vince Melourney’s mid-tempo bluesy “Such A Shame” notable for it’s rather splendid harmonica bursts. This number sounds like something the Kinks would have written. A good song, well produced and performed by the Bee Gees.

charity shop purchase @ £2

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