“Train To Nowhere”

Enter a world of captivating music in this exciting series

These ‘World Of Hits’ LPs released at the end of the sixties are ideal entry points for the curious novice or in the case of myself, someone who has literally everything I ever want, but buy the product anyway!

The tracks are all hit records with a wide range of sound and appeal but will be of interest to anyone who has ever dipped their toes into the never ending sea swell of Beat and Psychedelic records.

This third album in the series showcases some acts that didn’t really hit the big time in Britain, although all of them were popular acts and sold many records. The opening mod fueled beat action of The Small Faces ‘What’cha Gonna Do About It’ is of course revelatory. Full of angst and power. It’s strange hearing this number in stereo though!

I love the slightly off-beat charm of blond-bombshell Twinkle. ‘Terry’ isn’t all that great and it’s rather cornball motorbike crash lyrics are a bit on the embarrassing side of things, but the young lass wrote the song herself and was still in her teens. So I can’t be that hard on her.

Savoy Brown‘s ‘Train To Nowhere’ is my definition of ‘hippie-blues’ – I love this kind of simple but completely encapsulating laid-back music. The guitarist was probably too stoned to bother himself with an obligatory extra long tedious guitar-break, and it’s all the better without one.

You can catch it if you want to ride
Don’t you worry if it pass you by
You can catch it if you want to ride
Don’t you worry if it pass you by

Savoy Brown

Over on Side two we have one of my favourite performers and I’m talking about Cat Stevens. His early Deram singles are all sensational. This one caused controversy at the time because of the gun-reference lyrics.

I have over a thousand music press / magazines from the ’60s and it’s my intention one day to focus on the hundreds of singles during that exciting period of the music scene, adding vintage press reviews and features.

Lesser-known groups The Cryin’ Shames and Timebox get some much needed exposure, The Moody Blues go Parisian baroque psychedelic and The Flirtations bang heavy with their soul pounder ‘Nothing But A Heartache’, which is magnificent.

This budget Decca / Deram labels sampler is worth every penny of the £6 I paid for it a few weeks ago. Why bother spending over twenty quid for inferior modern day reissue records when there are choice records like this one found in bargain bins in most record shops for a fraction of the price?

Sound And Vision purchase @ £6

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