Now hear this – here’s our latest “Top Of The Pops”, tailor-made as usual to suit the needs of all our Pop fans.

I’ll put this one down to ‘lesson learned’ because imagine my surprise when I got around to making a post for this record only to find an imposter within the cover!

I bought it a few weeks ago from a local charity shop for a couple of quid but failed to check the condition of the vinyl. If only I’d have taken that step I’d have realised that the wrong record had been matched with the cover.

Instead of “Top Of The Pops – Volume 29” I’m lumbered with the St. Winifred’s School Choir “And The Children Sing” on the Music For Pleasure label, released 1979.

I realised my mistake ten seconds into side one of the record. Instead of a version of “Blockbuster” I had to unpleasantly withstand a hideous cats choir of kids squawking away to a version of “Top Of The World”.

Back cover liners:

Pop Fans. You’ve done it. A million thanks and congratulations to all of you who helped us push our latest edition of “Top of the Pops” (Volume 28 – SHM. 810) to an all time high. It was easily our best – selling number in a fantastic series that has hit the top selling headlines right from the start.

… NOW HEAR THIS … HERE’S our latest “Top of the Pops”, tailor-made as usual to suit the needs of all our Pop fans. You’ve got 12 high-stepping songs; you’ve got the finest session musicians & vocalists in the land singing and playing their hearts out to give you, the pop fans, what you want. And what do you want? You want sounds that are as good as, if not better than, the sounds of the originals made famous by the big names in Pop show business; and you want value for money. We’re trying all the time to achieve this. If we haven’t, write and tell us, and we’ll try even harder next time.

If you like our record then we want you to have a ball. Get rocking to the music; and when you’ve got your breath back ring all you other friends and let them know how much you’ve enjoyed our album.

Side 1          

  • Blockbuster – originally a hit for The Sweet
  • Daniel – originally a hit for Elton John
  • Me And Mrs Jones – originally a hit for Billy Paul
  • Part Of The Union – originally a hit for The Strawbs
  • Superstition – originally a hit for Stevie Wonder
  • Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah!) – originally a hit for Gary Glitter

Side 2          

  • Paper Plane – originally a hit for Status Quo
  • Looking Thru The Eyes Of Love – originally a hit for The Partridge Family
  • Sylvia – originally a hit for Focus
  • Roll Over Beethoven – originally a hit for The Electric Light Orchestra
  • Doctor My Eyes – originally a hit for The Jackson 5
  • Reelin’ And Rockin’ – originally a hit for Chuck Berry

charity shop purchase @ £2

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