Country music is a style which has real meaning, which relates to everyday life, telling of its joys and sorrows.

This album was yet another Glen Campbell relic found recently in a charity shop during my excursions to Low Fell and Gateshead. It appeared that someone had donated all of their Campbell collection, more likely the collector had died and his / her relatives de-cluttered the house and the records were the first to go!

Which was good news for me because I was in a period of wanting to fill gaps in my archive with vintage release easy-listening and country albums. And at £2 each what was there to lose?

This is a collection of numbers from the early seventies, two tracks are culled from the late sixties. The worldwide hit “Wichita Lineman” is here along with “Love Is A Lonesome River” from 1967.

Back cover liners:

From being a mere minority interest, country music has now entered the mainstream of pop music and much of the credit must go to Glen Campbell, the easy-mannered singer / songwriter who has smashed the barriers with his string of hit records and top-rating TV shows.

It’s the story-telling quality of country lyrics that Campbell loves and, while he writes fine songs himself, he’s not afraid to cast round for good material elsewhere.

If he hears a strong song, he’ll record it, and that’s how he picked up on Jim Webb‘s “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” and shot to fame, following through quickly with the haunting “Wichita Lineman”.

Songs like “Funny Kind Of Monday”, “Give Me Back That Old Familiar Feeling”, “Love Is A Lonesome River” and “Once More With Feeling” are all stamped with an innate country sound, and yet Campbell is a city man too, having grown up in the milieu of the Los Angeles and Hollywood entertainment business as a session-musician and bit-part actor before his big breakthrough . . . . why, he even played with the Beach Boys at one time!

Perhaps all that helps explain just why it has been Campbell who has most successfully bridged the previously yawning gulf between country and pop music and drawn the two closer together – to everyone’s benefit.

Country music is a style which has real meaning, which relates to everyday life, telling of its joys and sorrows, its pleasures and its calamities. By giving it a pop appeal, Glen Campbell has enriched the music scene, making further room at the pop charts for songs which have something worthwhile to say.

charity shop purchase @ £2

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