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Welcome to my latest “Listen-in” update, the place where everything shines a golden-glow of brilliant creativity, long-forgotten gems touched by genius and tunes so memorable and so significant they’re always worthy of attention.

The Belltowers released a new album last year called “Magnetic” – you probably missed it too! This collection of ten songs was recorded before Eddie Foeller, their gentle-giant guitarist died suddenly. Everyone is still bewildered that such an awful event occurred.

This music of course is of a very high standard, the songs twist and turn in a wistful malaise of Rickenbacker jangle and harmonies. The drums are mixed loud, perhaps too loud for some.

The boys have been magpies in the past and they’ve also grasped inspiration from groups like Love, The Byrds and The Headless Horsemen here too. It’s up to the listener to piece together the jigsaw puzzle.

“Wait” unleashes a different Belltowers animal than the one we’re used to, this cut is full of compact organ, fuzz mayhem and thrills. Fast-paced garage rocker numbers are always welcome and could be an area rich for exploration for them if they plan to continue without Eddie.

Floating Bridge were an obscure Seattle group on the Vault label, out of Los Angeles. “Don’t Mean A Thing” was backed with “Mr Jaybird” (released 1969). This is a white label promo single, both sides appear to be edited versions of the one’s selected on their album.

“Don’t Mean A Thing” is notable for it’s use of wah-wah and small but effective guitar break. They probably had at least one member of the band extremely keen on Cream because the latter group’s bluesy sound is all over this!

After being left on a shelf and turned-off for many months I decided to bring my beloved Epson DS-50000 scanner back in the fold. I’ve also bought a new desktop PC since I last used it so was worried that I would experience problems getting it to work on my new system.

I couldn’t find the User-Manual or the CD that came with the Epson DS-50000 containing all of the drivers required to make this behemoth of a scanner work! My first indications were that I couldn’t get it to function without the drivers.

At this point in time my Ape brain kicked in and I decided to go searching on the internet for Epson DS-50000 drivers. I was lucky enough to find everything I needed on the Epson’s website.

My next worry was, would these drivers configure with Windows 11? And the answer was affirmative! I quickly got to work and my first scans from a Rock ‘n’ Roll history book, published during the early ’90s were Nancy Sinatra and Peter And Gordon. With many more to come.

I finally cracked open the seal from a CD I’ve had on my ‘to play’ pile for several months. I must have bought “The Land Of Sensations & Delights” during last summer – it’s been that long!

What we have here are 26 pop nuggets from the Los Angeles’ White Whale label. The promotional banter indicates that they’re all ‘sensational’ cuts but that’s way off the mark. Half of the material is just basically background music, it’s nothing great or memorable.

The Brothers “Love Story”, a song written by Randy Newman, is perhaps the most sickly sweet slop of syrup I’ve heard for a long time. There are a couple of keepers though from Professor Morrison’s Lollipop, The Answer and Rainy Daze.

The CD booklet is glossy, full of rare photos and label scans. The information is superb and for dogged music historians types, a huge bonus. Considering that I only paid £5 for this item the package is worthy of attention, despite the somewhat average material.

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