New sound wanted for Blue Jeans’ next disc

The Swinging Blue Jeans were rehearsing like mad in the final few minutes before their guest appearance on “Go Man Go”.

With only ten minutes to go before the red light blinked with a “stand-by” warning, they disappeared from the stage, changed into shiny blue mohair suits and prepared for battle.

Between numbers, they returned to their dressing room and commented on the current scene, before hopping back on stage.

Listening to a Rabin band version of “Needles And Pins,” Ray Ennis remarked, “This is going to be a very big one for The Searchers. I personally don’t think it’s as exciting as their first two hits, mark you, but I’m sure it’s number one stuff. However if they’d recorded this any earlier in their career, it probably wouldn’t have made it at all.”

“But we can be wrong.” said Norma Kuhike. “We all agreed that the first time we heard “24 Hours From Tulsa” it was terrible! None of us ever imagined a number like that getting into the charts.

“And now look at it – and think of us when we learned we were going out on the road with Gene Pitney!”


The Swinging Blue Jeans feature the Merseybeats‘ hit “I Think Of You” in their act. They like the number, but say they thought the record had been on release for too long to have any chart impact.

“The number itself is not unlike “Too Late Now,” said Les Braid. “It’s makes a quiet change, like “To Know Him Is To Love Him,” which is another ballad we sing.

“In fact, in about two records time, it could well be the type of material we will record as a single.”

“But the next record has to be lively,” chipped in Ralph Ellis. “Besides, I think that’s what the market wants at the moment, otherwise they wouldn’t be buying all these group sounds.

“We’ve created a lively, swingy atmosphere on “Hippy Hippy Shake.” We have to – and want to keep it up on our next release. It’s the one after that we have to worry about, as three in a row, all sounding the same could mean death to a group.”

The Swinging Blue Jeans also feel that it doesn’t matter where you come from if your records make the charts.

“Liverpool, Leicester, London. They’re all the same” said Ray. There is no Liverpool sound any more. Today it’s just the question of a sound being associated with a person or a group.

“Dave Clark produces his own discs and comes from Tottenham, but does that give him the ‘London sound?’ just because The Beatles happen to come from Liverpool, and started the whole thing off, suddenly we find every other group from the same place is given a tag.”

Local lads

But the Swinging Blue Jeans are proud of the Beatles’ success.

“Well they are local lads, as well as being personal friends” said Norman. “Course their success in France and America is completely overwhelming, and think of all the royalties John and Paul are earning as songwriters!”

Have things changed much for the boys since they themselves have been on the receiving end of a hit disc?

“Yes,” said Ray, “When “Too Late Now” made the charts, things started happening in a small way. Then “Hippy Hippy Shake” began to blow up a storm, and wham! We don’t know which way to turn!”

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