Stones And Stripes!

Immediately on arrival in the States, The Rolling Stones held a Press Conference for High School girl magazine editors. Below, Mick Jagger answers some questions at the mike, and fans and cops crowd around The Stones when they were presented with bouquets and presents from their many U.S. admirers. Charlie Watts was given a cake for his 21st birthday.

Stones roll through the U.S.A.

The shaggy-dog hairdos and way-out beat of The Rolling Stones have really captured those American fans. Even the tough American cops had a hard job to control the crowds at the Swing stadium in San Bernardino, near Hollywood, last Friday.

Some girls even broke the police cordon. One grabbed Mick Jagger and hugged him so tightly that three policemen had to prise him loose. Tension built up as The Stones played eleven numbers, and near the end of the show police threatened to stop the concert unless the girls stopped storming the stage.

The invasion ceased, but screams increased, as Mick Jagger, clutching four maraccas, weaved about, leapt in the air, and did his own crazy version of the Shake.

Pandemonium also broke out around the stage door. Police, aided by reinforcements, set up blockades while the bus was loaded with instruments. The Stones made a break for the coach, and struggled aboard past tearing, grasping hands and accompanied by frenzied screams.

Some fans even tried to pursue the coach in cars as it took off at high speed for Hollywood. Others ran along on foot.

The plushy Beverly Hilton Hotel in Hollywood is still recovering from having The Rolling Stones as residents. Business in the lobby halted as The Stones walked to and from the lifts.

Well dressed guests’ jaws sagged and their eyes bulged at the boys’ hairdos. Knots of young girls invaded the lobby and crowded around the lifts waiting for the boys to appear.

Leisure? The Stones did go to Malibu Beach to surf, but the water was too choppy, so they had to swim instead. And Mick Jagger bought two sharp jackets in Hollywood.

Bill Wyman, bass guitarist with The Stones, enjoys a break for a cigarette while being interviewed on the Murray “The K” Kaufman show.

Another pause for autographs at Los Angeles Airport. Brian Jones is seen signing a fan’s book. Later, in San Antonio, Texas, one fan got so excited she tried to pull Brian’s hair off. “I thought it was a wig,” she said.

It’s hot here

With a temperature of 90 degrees, no wonder those Stones got through gallons of Coke. Charlie Watts took time off from drumming to down a coke while broadcasting on Murray “The K” Kaufman’s radio show in New York.

While trying to cool off in the street, Bill Wyman obliges with his autograph for a fan. Mick Jagger patiently awaits his turn next.

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