Footloose Jimi puts down roots

Jimi Hendrix shares a flat near London’s Marble Arch with his ex-Animals manager Chas Chandler and wife. Chas’s part of the flat is beautifully furnished with decidedly English taste; Jimi’s room is like the back parlour of an oriental market shop.

Just as beautiful, it has a very low double bed with a Chinese bedspread and over it, hanging from the ceiling, Chinese drapes. Inscribed shawls are hung on the wall, and cushions with Chinese symbols on them are strewn about. There are also lots of instruments. The overall effect is very impressive. Absolute.

Jimi arrived here last September, having been spotted by Chas in New York’s Greenwich Village and asked if he’d like to come over. Before that, he led a nomadic existence; invalided out of the army when he was seventeen and wandering around the States, playing the guitar to live.

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