Rick Sanders from Intro magazine blows his mind on the latest record releases

GERRY MARSDEN – “Gilbert Green”
After hearing “Gilbert Green,” which Robin and Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees wrote for merry Gerry, you might well make the mistake of thinking it was by the Beatles.

The lyrics are very much in the biography-of-a-small-person vein like “Eleanor Rigby,” “Mr Kite,” and other Beatles heroes. The music too owes much to you know who.

There are slow minuettish bits, hard core pop bits, and a super-glossy piano finale crashing away just like they did in the slush movies of the fifties. This may sound awful, but on the contrary – this is a great record.

Gerry’s voice is dead right. It’s raw yet vaguely wistful at times, squeezing maximum meaning from the oddball words.

GEORGIE FAME – “Try My World”
Our revered mummies and daddies, bless their unmusical hearts, are always asking: “when is good music coming back?” Here’s good news for them, if nobody else, in the unlikely shape of Georgie Fame’s “Try My World.”

It’s a disastrous step for Georgie already on the path to becoming an all-round (i.e. all-square) entertainer and showbiz personality. Don’t be fooled by the dramatic specal cover. Not much drama to this disc with it’s boring arrangement and drab vocal of a blank song.

Against all hope I pray that Fame will either revert to his soulful ways of old, or find some other scene for his huge talent.

SAGITTARIUS – “My World Fell Down”
All devout ravers must zoom out and get “My World Fell Down” by a character called Sagittarius. A bit like “Good Vibrations” gone berserk, this record will immediately blossom out at the top of the charts everywhere, if there’s any musical justice.

TRAFFIC – “Hole In My Shoe”
Behold. o my beloved children and fear not, for, in case you hadn’t noticed. Traffic are with us. Who am I, a mere record reviewer, to pass judgement on “Hole In My Shoe”

I had my doubt whether they’d be able to follow up “Paper Sun” with anything half as good. O me of little faith!

This record shows Winwood isn’t the only genius – Hole is sung and composed by previously unknown (why?) David Mason. Traffic have enlisted a six year old B.P. (Beautiful Person) who speaks in “Hole in My Shoe.” Sheer poetry!

Let’s get down on our knees and give thanks for the best single in ages.

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