New Traffic sound takes off – where to from the country cottage?

It’s overgrown with weeds and more than a little remote. Will it stay that way and fade with time or be the birthplace of a big new sound?

Home of Stevie Winwood and the Traffic, with no heat, light and gas, nothing could be further from the glitter of the pop scene. But this cottage, tucked away in the Berkshire countryside, is the group’s think-in, play-in, creative retreat, where work comes first.

Why the journey into the wilderness? Security fears about pop espionage? No, says Stevie, one-time Birmingham boy and organist-vocalist with Spencer Davis until six months ago.

Stevie quit the Davis group last April and with James Capaldi, Dave Mason and Chris Wood (all four were friends at school) set to, developing a whole new concept of pop: “live” sound every bit as good as that made in a recording studio.

Rehearsals for the group’s British tour which begins on October 4 produced quiet and reflective stuff, an expression of their personalities, but gradually grew into a big, all-embracing sound.

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