THE FOUR TOPS – “You Keep Running Away”
It’s a crying shame that a great group like the Tops saw fit to put out this record which, although full of excitement and professionalism, is exactly the same old formula with the phenomenal lead voice, harmonies and backing, but with nowhere near as much impact as, say, “Reach Out”.

Of course, it’s certain to skyrocket into the charts, but I give “You Keep Running Away” a few weeks of glory, being played to death everywhere – and then everyone will forget it ever existed.

THE BLOSSOM TOES – “What On Earth” / “Mrs Murphy’s Budgerigar”
For the first time ever, here are two separate full-length tracks on one side of a single. So it’s congratulations to Blossom Toes and producer Giorgio Gomelsky for giving value for money. Sadly, the songs themselves are not as great as the idea behind them.

“What On Earth” is a what’s-life’s-all-about sort of thing, with a voice that sounds like Ray Davies taking the mick out of Ray Davies. “Mrs Murphy’s Budgerigar” is much more bouncy and light-weight.

Both songs are O.K. but they arn’t the kind that’ll cause riots in Scunthorpe. They seem to have drawn much too much on the Bee Gees and the Beatles without having much of a style of their own. Still, the label is the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

RUPERT’S PEOPLE – “A Prologue To A Magic World”
Good stuff here from Rupert’s People (bears?). Their “Prologue To A Magic World” captures a fairy-tale world of legends and make-believe right from the tinkling start, which is a take-off of can’t put a name to.

It goes on about a girl called Alice and a world where you don’t have to worry or hurry – just play croquet all day. You may well think it’s Alice In Wonderland all over again.

That’s about right, I’m a great fan of the actual Alice and more important, I’m a great fan of this record. It must be a fair-sized hit or I will eat my favourite toadstool.

JUDY CLAY – “You Can’t Run Away From Your Heart”
This is the first thing I’ve ever heard from Judy Clay and it had better not be the last. This record is totally wonderful. It’s got everything that’s greatest from the Memphis tradition of the best in blues.

It’s starts deceptively with a rocking guitar break, then slows down into a moody ballad, with this wonderful majestic voice of Miss Clay bursting in to sing of the troubles of love.

Bound to go down a bomb in the discotheques, top quality shows through on this disc in singing, production and arrangement.

LUCIEN ALEXANDER – “Baby You’ve Been On My Mind”
Folk-rock rides again. A few years ago Joan Baez made a fantastic recording of this song, one of Bob Dylan’s best.

This remake isn’t in the same class. he’s trying too hard to sound like King Dylan. The guitar sounds a bit out of tune and it’s all a bit too jazzed-up for me.

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