The Songwriters: No.2 Roy Wood of The Move

Pop is fast splitting up into two entirely separate industries, one catering for the mass teen market and the other aimed at a new audience, much sharper and more knowledgeable than pop fans have ever been before.

The first industry churns out conveyor-belt pulp, so much popcorn; and the second tries to make its music good, tries to come up with something that has a point beyond next week’s chart.

This is a pretty major difference and hardly anyone bridges the gap enough to break big in both markets. One of the very few groups that have managed it is The Move.

The Move came south from Birmingham just over a year ago, all keen and flash, claiming to be everything creative and progressive in British pop. They had a very brash manager called Tony Secunda and in fact they sounded quite convincing.

New pop religion

According to their promotion handouts, they were going to hit us, shatter us, knock us down and jump all over us. No compromise, no commercial hang-ups – this was genius at work, true artistry and The move came on like some new pop religion.

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