Robin really doesn’t worry about the rumours that The Beatles write their songs under the Bee Gees name

Lead singer Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, pushes back the cushion and settles comfortably into the settee. He lights a cigarette and politely offers them round, with the natural ease and warmth of any successful twenty-five year old with the world under his feet. Except that Robin happens to be only seventeen.

By the average standards of a seventeen year old, Robin hasn’t done too badly. He’s worth about £70,000, with the prospect of more; has been across the world twice and has a fabulous collection of instruments gathered from nine countries. Apart from that, he and the rest of the boys are among the top groups in the world.

“It hasn’t been a bad run to reach where we are now,” he says “A very slow walk would be nearer the mark.”

The slow walk began when Robin and twin Maurice, were seven. Brother Barry was ten. “In the Christmas of that year, Barry got a Spanish guitar, and the three of us just kind of started singing together.” That was in Manchester.

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