This very talented group of teenagers hailed from New Jersey and released three singles on record label Tomorrow.

The following Myddle Class record reviews were written back in 2009. Following my mix of their three singles I have reposted them accordingly.

THE MYDDLE CLASS – ’Gates Of Eden’ / ’Free As The Wind’ (Tomorrow 45-7501) Nov 1965

This very talented group of teenagers hailed from New Jersey and released three singles on Tomorrow, all of which sold in decent quantities locally but outside of their home territory bombed.

Even today The Myddle Class are something of a mystery. Hardly any of their songs have been compiled and several demos remain in the vaults, although these tapes or CDRs do surface in private trades.

’Gates Of Eden’ / ’Free As The Wind’ was The Myddle Class debut and really should have done better than it ultimately did. When many bands were electrifying Bob Dylan songs and having huge hits, The Myddle Class chose his sombre ’Gates Of Eden’ and made it into a folk rock gem but attracted little attention.

’Free As The Wind’ is high class 60s pop with these memorable lines:

’You never miss the water in the well
’Till the well runs dry.
And I never missed my baby
Until she said goodbye.
Now she’s free as the wind.

Bob Dylan

’Free As The Wind’ was the top side and charted at number 12 in Albany, New York during mid March 1966. Both sides were produced by the song writing team of Goffin & King.

THE MYDDLE CLASS – ’Don’t Let Me Sleep Too Long’ / ’I Happen To Love You’ (Buddah Records BDA 150) 1966

The second Myddle Class 45 paired ’Don’t Let Me Sleep Too Long’ with ’I Happen To Love You’. The former song, even though credited to all five Myddle Class band members was actually a song made more famous by The Blues Project (Al Kooper is credited as the songwriter but the title of the song is ’Wake Me-Shake Me’)

It was originally released on Tomorrow 7503 but re-issued on Buddah Records a couple of years later.

It’s been written that The Myddle Class picked up on this song after gigging with The Blues Project. It should be noted that Al Kooper and The Blues Project are credited as arrangers on the label of the Buddah release – whatever the matter, this song is a killer and needs to be heard!

As a footnote ’Don’t Let Me Sleep Too Long’ charted in the top 20 in San Bernardino, California during November 1966.

The flip ’I Happen To Love You’ is a Goffin & King song. It’s more famous as being an Electric Prunes offering but The Myddle Class were the first band to record it.

Both songs were produced by Gerry Goffin – file under essential double-sider.

THE MYDDLE CLASS – ’Wind Chime Laughter’ / ’Don’t Look Back’ (Tomorrow T-912) 1967

The trilogy of Myddle Class 45s ended with a great cover of The Temptations song from ’65 ’Don’t Look Back’. This slightly countryfied and uptempo version is way ahead of the slow and yawn inducing original. Too bad it wasn’t the hit that The Myddle Class deserved.

The flip was the sunshyne classic ’Wind Chime Laughter’ which sounds like a more introspective Association. A taste of the pure pop music The Myddle Class were capable of.

Danny Mansolino (keyboards), Dave Palmer (vocals), Rick Phillip (lead guitar), Charlie Larkey (bass), Mike Rosa (drums)

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