Meet the spectacular Miss Fonda born in the bright lights of Hollywood – the beautiful star with the stormy streak

Jane Fonda is an excellent example of a poor little rich girl. In the limelight from the word go, first as a daughter of her father, then as wife of her husband, her actual film performances tend to pass unnoticed.

Thousands of words are written about her private life; few about her deft way with comedy. Are things changing? The stills from her latest film, “Barbarella”, show a new, super-shiny heroine Fonda. Indications are that Jane is going to come over big.

Up to now thirty year old Jane has had a stormy life which has been a series of violent changes. Her mother, Henry Fonda’s second wife, committed suicide when Jane was only twelve.

Jane was staying with her grandmother at the time and was told her mother had had a heart attack. “Then,” she said, “about a year later, the way children always find out everything, some kid at school handed me a movie magazine that told what really happened.” She doesn’t comment on the effect it had on her, but she had five years of regular psycho-analysis.

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