First a book, then a T.V. play, now a film – each time a SENSATION!

If you visit London south of the river for the first time, you might be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing there except fish and chip shops, and vast gloomy pubs. And pawnshops; for pawnshops, it seems, are not so much a last resort, more a way of life.

With the release of Up The Junction this week, it’s a way of life that will become familiar to everyone in the country. And, even if we don’t all make an immediate rush to move into one of those cute slums in the more “interesting” parts of Clapham or Battersea, it’s a film which might start a tourist invasion to all points south of the Elephant and Castle.

What with husbands beating up their wives, boy friends getting killed in motor-cycle smash-ups and others being driven off to prison in black Marias, there’s enough in the film to provoke anyone’s curiosity.

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