GORDON WALLER – “Rosecrans Boulevard”
The tall, dark half of Peter and Gordon has made a beauty here. Fantastic lyrics about love / cars / Manhattan / Los Angeles sung intelligently and with a lot of feeling by Gordon are echoed by piano and twelve-string guitar.

All in all, a very fascinating single. I hope it gets Gordon back into the charts at high speed.

THE ENCHANTED FOREST – “You’re Never Gonna Get My Lovin'”
Fine sentiments from The Enchanted Forest, a group I’ve not heard before. It’s a fine sound and I think a lot of people are going to like it – a very full and intriguing sound in the same mould as “Good Vibrations” – only done by girls.

At least I think they’re girls, but I’ve been wrong before and carry the marks to prove it. Lots of sighs and angelic harmonies, and although a certain DJ thinks they’re “atrocious” I think they might have a hit on their hands.

LONG JOHN BALDRY – “Let The Heartaches Begin” (LP)
No doubt about it now, the Long John Baldry transformation is complete. The smoothie dark brown cover marks the demise of the LJB, bluesman extraordinary.

He’s now a class singer with a huge following of all shapes and sizes after “Heartaches” and this LP should win him many more fans.

It’s made up of a mixture of established songs – like a fantastic version of “Stay With Me Baby” and the old Ray Charles smash “I Can’t Stop Loving You” – and five newies from the composers of “Let The Heartaches Begin”, Tony Macaulay and John McLeod.

All extremely well done. The backings are just right, and the Baldry voice every now and then betrays the great influence the old blues days have had. There’s more conviction and feeling from John than you’ll get from practically any of the balladeers of the current fashionable crowd.

Long may he continue to turn out records like this.

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and his MAGIC BAND – “Yellow Brick Road”
Everyone’s going around muttering that Captain Beefheart is one of the greatest things ever to hit pop. In the light of all this raving, “Yellow Brick Road” comes as something of a disappointment.

It’s a fast-moving number with a fair bit of punch and a lovely intro – which I won’t tell you about; hear it for yourself – but the Magic Band do seem to be a little short on magic here.

There’s some very nice guitar like a friendly hornet buzzing around looking for a victim – but the Beefheart voice doesn’t come over too beefily. And there is a 5s. prize for the first reader to send me all the words, which are just a little too transcendental for Cloth Ears to catch.

The other side “Abba Zaba”, is considerably better.

THE FOUNDATIONS – “Back On My Feet Again”
Here’s the follow up to the Foundations’ first big hit, the record that surprised all of us, “Baby Now That I’ve Found You” – and they’ve fallen into the trap of making it an identical twin to its illustrious predecessor.

It’s a good enough song (yet another from Macaulay / McLeod) but the rhythm’s the same, the treatment’s the same, the sound’s the same – and this is rather sad because it’s bound to discourage a lot of people, and the Foundations are a good enough group to stay around for some time yet.

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