THE HERD – “Paradise Lost” (LP)
This record includes the Herd’s two big hits which we all know and love – “Paradise Lost” and “From The Underworld” – but what an eye-opener! There’s more to them than most people ever dreamed of.

Invention, musicianship, atmosphere, humour, maturity – that’s the stuff the Herd are made of. One track in particular lets on the extra-ordinary depth of the group.

Called “Impressions Of Oliver”, it could have walked out of the doors of Ronnie Scott’s club – an instrumental composition by Bown / Frampton with all the touches of great pop / jazz.

Andy and Pete come out with some amazing organ and guitar work, with a lot of support from Reg Tinsley’s arrangement, and their huge potential for future progress hits you right between the ears. Absolute knockout!

PRINCE BUSTER And The ALL STARS – “Train To Girls’ Town”
This one (on the Fab label) is a beautiful tongue-in-cheek travelogue from Buster, all-time boss of the blue beat who recently had Al Capone in the British charts.

But – we’ve heard it all before. This is very similar to The Pyramids’ “Train Tour To Rainbow City” – exactly the same vocal style, the same happy backchat from the group, the same train rhythm.

Prince Buster has had loads of original hits in Jamaica – it’s a drag he didn’t keep up the originality by doling out a measly rehash this time.

ALAN PRICE SET – “Don’t Stop The Carnival”
This joyous single is a drastic change of course by Alan and company after their last release, “Shame”. Why wasn’t it a huge hit I’ll never be able to understand – but “Don’t Stop The Carnival” should be a different tale altogether.

It’s a happy-go-lucky piece of Caribbean sunshine complete with fairground organ, crooning saxophones, infectious rhythm and some fine singing, as always, from the man himself.

His West Indian accent should put Lance Percival out of business for keeps! A great group like the Set just can’t miss out twice in a row – “Don’t Stop The Carnival” is bound to go straight into the charts.

Old Marvin hasn’t been doing too well in the British charts recently, possibly because of his run-of-the-mill material. However, “You” is about the best thing he’s done since he burst on to the scene with “Witness”.

“You” is the raw pulse of the Detroit sound at its best, and you can almost feel the straining lungs and pouring sweat as Marvin gives all he has. An exciting sound.

LOVE – “Alone Again Or”
Anybody who doesn’t go mad over this superb record will be either deaf or six feet under. Groups on the Elektra label are always worth listening to, and Love must be the best of all of them.

Even the Beatles know it – all you need is love and their latest single “Alone Again Or” is a shining example of just how much you can do in pop with genius at the wheel.

It’s right in every possible way – combining a depth of feeling more or less unknown in pop with a wonderful song that sings its way straight to the heart of things.

It builds up into climaxes, falls away into fragile, moving quietness with marvellous guitar work, and if I had my way would go on for a couple of hours. Real greatness.

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