“Freaky music? You can keep it,” say the Herd

With every hit record comes a blaze of publicity proclaiming that the group or singer concerned is the best thing that ever happened to the charts. Every pop writer personally forecasts bigger things and strings of hits.

This is what happened to The Herd when their record “From The Underworld” made the charts last September.

The Herd themselves didn’t pretend to be way-out, a phenomenon, or so “in” there was no possibility of their ever being “out”, in order to attract large overdoses of publicity.

And inevitably there were undertones that the boys were just one-hit wonders.

Perhaps their modesty paid off, because their next release, “Paradise Lost”, was a very good record and also made the national charts. Now, their image seems to be established – a group who set out to entertain and make good commercial records that give pleasure and in turn, sell.

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