An appreciation for lovable mop-top Richard Starkey

“R.I.N.G.O” was released as an album taster from the acclaimed “Back In Mono” – a record I’ve had on the shelf for several months but still need to get around and enjoy it.

Well, what can I say about “R.I.N.G.O” ?? My word – The Courettes just get better and better with each single they’ve released. Although I do think that the time is now right to broaden their horizons a little bit and perhaps add more instruments into their mixes.

But back to “R.I.N.G.O” – this is a pure pop 45, a very commercial mid-sixties sound, full of inspiration and laden with inspired pop hooks galore. I’m quite sure that this kind of record would have been a smash-hit in 1964.

What a shame it’s 2022 otherwise The Courettes could have been famous and eating at the poshest restaurants and swanking at the Chelsea “IN” Clubs.

I do hope that Ringo gets to hear this tribute to him. We all love the chirpy little fellow who is forever making peace signs. And this number is a fitting song of praise.

By the way, The Courettes use vintage instruments and have somehow acquired a purist bucketful of teen spirit – even though Martin and Flavia are probably kickin’ on a bit, they still sound raw, fresh and exciting.

Their use of fuzz is controlled and the vocals are clear, composed and unpretentious. Production is incredibly good and the mix is sensational. We all must cherish The Courettes and hope that they still have some records left in them.

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