English garage band from the nineties climb a big rock formation

Not many groups sounded like The Mystreated back in the early to mid nineties, they were certainly a treasure to behold for those lucky enough to have bought their records or seen them live in a smoke-filled pub.

Like most of the really great obscure bands though, hardly anyone bothered to tune into their folk-rock inspired music outside the in-the-know garage fraternity. I doubt that they would have caused any kind of buzz beyond their home location in the south of England.

“This Is” is a six track mini-album on the much admired Twist record label. According to the back cover all of the numbers were recorded in MONO at Toe Rag studio on the 6th of January, 1996.

Everything is beautifully done of course, the guitars screech and jangle, the drums weave creative shapes around the vocals and sometimes off-key harmonies.

The folk-punk guitar break on “Set In Stone” is probably the best thirty seconds ever recorded in the ’90s – there is also subtle fuzz tones on this blast of Blue Things inspired greatness.

A record long overdue a renaissance. Seek it out and play it loud. FEEL the music.

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