Two singles from Ford Theatre reviewed

FORD THEATRE – ”Theme For The Masses” / ”From A Back Door Window (The Search)” (ABC 45-11118) 1968

These two songs were chosen by ABC to promote Ford Theatre’s debut album ”Trilogy For The Masses” and I’m presuming that they’re edited to fit on a single, in particular ”From A Back Door Window (The Search)” which fades out just as the heavy psychedelic keyboards start rumbling. I really must make an effort to buy the album!

I’m not quite sure where this single originates from, it’s a European release but the blue label holds no clues. I’m sure I bought this from a Belgian record dealer some years ago. It’s quite a rarity with the picture sleeve and doesn’t appear to be that well known.

FORD THEATRE – ”I’ve Got The Fever” / ”Jefferson Airplane” (ABC 45-11227) July 1969

Another outing on my scene for Ford Theatre, a psychedelic rock band from Milford, Mass.

Both sides were part of their recommended concept album ”Time Changes”, with my pick being ”Jefferson Airplane”, a soothing psychedelic interlude that sucks the listener into it’s web of way-out sounds. I doubt that the song has anything to do with West Coast band The Jefferson Airplane.

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