Racine, WI, home of The Sultans Five

All the information you could ever want / need about this obscure group from USA can be found on “Garage Hangover”, so head on over there if you dig this kind of almost inept ’60s garage racket.

The other side “Tonight Is The Night” is probably the go to track on this single but I wanted to highlight the lo-fi, farfisa heavy and scratchy guitar ballad of “With You”, which hasn’t had much attention.

The vocals are quite whiney and insipid and so is the lyrical content. Thousands of late teens and early twenty something’s seemingly wrote about a girl of their dreams. What was wrong with these guys? Stop being so wimpy and lovelorn.

According to “Teenbeat Mayhem”, the Sultans Five record on Raynard was a re-release from 1965, although “Tonight Is The Night” and “With You” were both updated recordings from those that appeared on their former record label.

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