Bubblegum psych number – criticizing a girlfriend

THE SWEET ACIDS – ’That Creature’ / ’Gonna Live Another Day Or Two’ (Unique Records 1940) March 1969

Weird and wonderful put down song from The Sweet Acids, a band name that has a very nice ring to it. ’That Creature’ has a rather unique sound, being a mix of pop, psych with hints of bubblegum.

There probably wasn’t many of these 45s pressed and the small local label Unique Records were based in Carrollton, Georgia. So maybe these Sweet Acids hailed from these parts? Who knows. Cool record though where ever they came from.

The flip ’Gonna Live Another Day Or Two’ is a big let down following the greatness of the top side. It’s too much soul for me.

(updated from 2008)

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