Los Angeles based group Things To Come with two singles on Warner Bros

I’ve had both of the Things To Come psychedelic singles for a decade or more but have never focused on them until now. The group were originally located in Long Beach but relocated to Hollywood in 1967 and signed to Warner Bros.

Their first single was with a different lead vocalist, Steve Runolfsson – and with a more primitive beat punk style, inspired by Northern Ireland combo Them.

Dave Hassinger was on board for their new single “Come Alive” / “Dancer”, recorded at American Recording Studio, Los Angeles in January 1968.

“Come Alive” is a heavy psychedelic drone full of atmospherics and acid-soaked guitar. The other side “Dancer” is a forceful Cream inspired rocker.

The final Things To Come single had ex-Byrds cape-wearer David Crosby in the hot seat twiddling the knobs and pressing buttons. I’m not sure the reasons why Dave Hassinger wasn’t the producer – perhaps he was too busy with Electric Prunes work.

“Hello” is another psychedelic rock gem, with slow-paced languid acid leads and soft harmonizing making this number a head swirler. The flip, “Good Day” follows a similar scene and reminds me of The Buffalo Springfield.

What a shame an aborted album never reaped any more recordings. Things To Come were a special group with unbounded talent.

Line Up:
Bryan Garofalo (vocals, bass)
Larry Robinson (rhythm guitar)
Michael Migliaro (lead guitar)
Russ Ward (drums)

Warner Bros discography:
“Come Alive” / “Dancer” (7164) February 1968
“Hello” / “Good Day” (7228) September 1968

Over the decades Things To Come have been appeared on many compilations.
“Come Alive” on Psychedelic Unknowns – Volume 11
“Dancer” on Garage Zone – Volume 3
“Hello” on Soft Sounds For Gentle People – Volume 5
“Good Day” has never turned up on anything as far as I know!

my Things To Come mix on Spreaker

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