Modern day psychedelic single waiting to be discovered

I have a handful of singles by Fogbound but have never heard their one and only LP, released in 2017. Everything I’ve heard by them ticks all boxes.

But who are Fogbound? 

Fogbound are a psychedelic band from A Coruña, Spain. They have developed a late ’60s sound, mainly inspired by underground groups from the English psychedelic scene circa 1966-68.

“Edward Devine” was first released as a track on their debut album then again some months later on a 45 backed with “Unhappy Wedding Couple”, which is only available on this disc.

Hearing this record for the first time today has made my mind up that I need to track down a copy of the album. “Edward Devine” perfectly encapsulates that creative and mesmerizing psychedelia from a long-lost time and place, when chaps wore Chelsea made Dandy gear and sported Edwardian-style ‘tashes.

It’s fast and groovy, with flowing hammond organ, busy drums and inventive vocal harmonizing. There is also some heavy flanging and reverb. Parts of the number remind me of their first single “Whispering Corridors”, especially as the song nears it’s end.

The other side “Unhappy Wedding Couple” ploughs familiar Fogbound sonics but the hammond is more pronounced and could possibly indicate that the group will be introducing progressive rock experimentation into their great sound on future releases. 

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