The album “To Fall Down” turned out to be the last ever record released by Les Grys-Grys. The decision by leader and principle songwriter, Almir Phelge, to split up his group came as a shock to everyone who cared deeply about their untamed music.

At the time of his announcement on Les Grys-Grys Facebook page during July 2021, the album had not been released! (see below)

“To Fall Down” has now become a fitting epitaph to their unfortunate demise. The ten songs making up the album are ALL essential blasts of unhinged rhythm & blues punk gold.

The opener “I’m Going Back” starts with thirty-odd seconds of power-house feedback and controlled aggression. The listener simply must strap themselves into their Eero Aarnio 1960s Ball Chair because the journey is gonna be a wild and dangerous one.

Most of the songs were written by Almir Phelge with only three cover versions. Their vicious “Milk Cow Blues” came out as a well-received single, The Throb’s “Turn My Head” is given reverential treatment and the other number “I’m Going Back” was written by R. Morrison but I’m not familiar with this.

this is the end:

Almir in the house. Where to start this message – Grey Grey band is no more. Last fall our guitarist Vince decided to leave the band to focus on his personal projects.

New guitarist found, the new formula, which would have been the group’s 3rd formation, seemed promising but it quickly became obvious that the work was going to be rough to get back to the past level. We had to change the set and adapt our style to the newcomer.

We hadn’t played together for a year, since Covid started. The band was a blast, one in Paris, one in Montpellier, one in Barcelona, me recently in Valencia… After two weeks of rehearsals I realized I don’t have the strength to start over. Way too much weight.

As bad as I want this fucking band, which is my first and only band, to keep playing this music that is my whole life, and after all we’ve been through together, the band AND our audience, this time it’s clear – I don’t have any more force to start this project again.



The following three photos of Les Grys Grys in the process of recording tracks for “To Fall Down” were taken at North Down Sound during January 2019  

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