It’s been almost five months since I ventured out into the wild looking for records in actual record shops or dealer market stalls. My concentration over the past couple of months has been to invade the backs of charity shops looking for vinyl junk and has-beens.

Today, I got the bus into Durham, mainly for a look around the place. I’ve not been since thee Covid Chinese bat-virus struck the world into lockdowns.

So, here I am, looking around the charity shops in Durham. I did find a few bits ‘n’ pieces, but nothing tempted me dip into my pockets to buy them.

The indoor market proved a success though, all-be-it unexpected! Two record dealers in close proximity were selling vinyl. I bought a handful of items at the “Music Box“, all ’60s pop and blues.

I was especially pleased to add an original “Diversions” LP by Marty Wilde. I’ve got a copy on CD but really . . . well you know . . . record collectors prefer the real deal! I wrote about Marty’s psych / baroque pop years here.

I then spent twenty minutes or so looking through the racks of records in Oxfam. Most of the items were classical but there were some interesting pieces, but priced a little high!

A copy of Del Shannon the single “Mind Over Matter” / “Led Along” housed in a Direction company sleeve was for sale for £15. I already have a copy though. As a matter of fact, there was a lot of Del in the racks.

I came away with a mono Turtles “Happy Together” LP on London in terrific condition. This will sound full and vibrant, I’m sure of that. It will be record-cleaning day tomorrow!

Coming home today:
  • Marty Wilde – “Diversions” (Philips SBL 7877) 1969 £10
  • The Turtles – “Happy Together” (London HAU 8330) 1967 £12
  • Chart Busters – “Various” (Marble Arch MAL 776) 1968 £4
  • Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds – “Stormy Monday” (Music For Pleasure MFP 1186) 1968 £5
  • The Rascals – “Star-Collection” (Midi K30049) 1974 £5
  • The Equals – “Doin’ The 45s” (Astan 20047) 1984 £5
  • The World Of Blues Power – “Various” (Decca SPA-R 14) 1969 £5

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