The Mystreated are no strangers on my blog and here they are again with an album on Twist Records, recorded using vintage ’60s instruments and recording facilities at Toe-Rag Studio, London.

The numbers were all mixed in MONO and are all group originals. Their sound is garage-punk, inspired by those American mid-sixties groups compiled on millions of cheapskate LPs.

Fuzzy jangling guitars, darting bass, reflective and personal words are all melded together with clattering ’66 freakbeat-style drum action.

The Mystreated even dip their pointed-heeled-boots into the sea of psychedelia with the sitar-drenched “Looking Right Through”, which was also released as a single, but as a different version.     

All in all though it’s a desirable album comprising authentic teen-garage with plenty of primitive folk-punk attacks to get your blood boiling and your rage brewing.

In a perfect world we would have had The Mystreated on ‘Top Of The Pops’ instead of the routinely boring and self-important Blur and Oasis during the Summer of 1994.

“All elements polluted, Brainwashing through television, Planetary vibrations blocked by radio waves, Denial of natural law, Material wealth overriding the starving Soul, Oncoming famine, Convenience about to disappear, A conspiracy so big it’s out of control, Chiron conjunct Pluto in 1999, Chaos on the way, Thoughts create . . . and the System does not allow you to be human, Freedom is illegal in this democracy . . .” 
(The Lord of Ruin) 

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