Sweet 3rd album of rock 'n' roll Trash Can Honey

The Courettes have featured several times on my blog, check out the archives. I reviewed their single “Want You! Like A Cigarette” back in October 2021. That number, as well as the B-side “Night Time (The Boy Of Mine)” are represented here on side one of this, their third LP.

The first side is an action packed sonic feast for your ears with the primitive fuzz attack of their earlier recordings kind of smoothed out and made much more commercial and, dare I say, soul-tinged pop inspired all-be-it still hard-edged with added  twelve-string guitar, mellotron, handclaps and castanets. 

“Back In Mono” is an album bursting with creativity and ideas. It’s also one of those rare records that doesn’t have any tracks that don’t attain the grade of worthiness.

The recent singles “Want You! Like A Cigarette” and “R.I.N.G.O” are not even the best songs in my opinion (and they’re both great!). I can’t stop playing the hauntingly supreme “Until You’re Mine.” – infesting your world with Courettes music can only reap rewards. 

Side two opens with the reverb and fuzz blast of “Hop The Twig”, yet another single –  released during April 2021. This is followed by “Misfits & Freaks”, a teen-garage raver inspired by the American girl-group sound of the mid sixties.

The scream-fest rocker “Edge Of My Nerves” livens things up a little after a couple of slowish numbers. “Won’t Let You Go” is another fast paced explosion, throwing sound wave fuzz bombs outta the speakers, a possibly ‘live in the studio’ take, it certainly sounds raw. 

The Courettes are an exciting rock ‘n’ roll group on record, probably thee most exciting and entertaining duo making music today. 

Buy their records and hope that they make many more in the future!

The photos below were taken at a Courettes gig in Zaragosa, Italy on 3rd April 2022.

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