Immaculate Record Store Day release

If you’re like me and seek out every record The Turtles ever released during their time as a recording group or are tempted to purchase every re-issue and “Best Of” LP since their demise, you will NEED this one”

The Turtles’ great lost album from 1966 featuring all original MONO mixes, nine of them exclusive to this album, remastered from the original tapes by Bill Inglot. Originally only issued in the US for Record Store Day 2017, Demon Records is proud to release this album in the UK for the first time.

What would have been the Turtles’ third album features the hits “Can I Get To Know You Better” (written by P.F Sloan and Steve Barri) and the self-penned “Grim Reaper Of Love”, along with two B-sides, a track issued in 1967 and seven songs that remained unreleased until 1970. The songwriting credits also include Goffin & King, Peter Asher, Bread’s David Gates and a pre-fame Warren Zevon.

The sound is full and vibrant, literally bursting out of my speakers. Every tambourine flash and subtle background fuzz guitar can be heard, pleasuring my ears – akin to dripping Manuka honey into them from a spoon.

All of the tracks presented here are magnificent, some are even perfect. It’s difficult to fault The Turtles.

Their bouncy fast-paced, hand-clapping version of “Wrong From The Start”, originally by Peter and Gordon is sublime.  A truly great record.

The front cover photo of The Turtles is a still from The Hollywood Palace – 1oth December 1966.

THE TURTLES – ’Outside Chance’/ ’We’ll Meet Again’ (White Whale 234) August 1966

Yet another blog entry for The Turtles, I love this group! and surely ’Outside Chance’ had the class and pop charm to be a big hit but the record somehow bought a ticket to nowheresville and sank without trace making it one of the most sought after Turtles 45s to collect.

’Outside Chance’ was written by Warren Zevon who at this point in time was a White Whale label stablemate and part of duo Lyme & Cybelle. Here, The Turtles offer up a folk punk version with tough 12 string guitar and an electric piano break.

The song was covered by Sounds Like Us. 
Gotta dig the genius lines,

”You can try to please me, but it won’t be easy,
Stone walls surround me, I’m surprised that you even found me.”

THE TURTLES – ’She’ll Come Back’ (Decca DL 4751) May 1966

I’ve featured the marvellous Turtles on my site a couple of times before archives and they are without question one of the best ever groups from USA and in particular Los Angeles (you may have noticed that I’m gonna focus my attention for a while on L.A. bands or those from neighbouring parts of Southern California).

Here’s a long lost piece of brilliance called ’She’ll Come Back’ written by singer Howard Kaylan. It’s an essential raga folk rock gem with sombre jangle, a sound that some call ’moody’ but I just call ’class’. You’ll find it hidden away on the soundtrack of the film ”Out Of Sight”, a rather low budget beach movie.

”Don’t you worry my friend,
She’ll come back in the end”

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