Del puts his stamp on some well-known Beat numbers

Del Shannon is a daring young man. In his last LP appearance for the label, Del took on a collection of classics by the late Hank Williams and performed them in an authentic country style. In a sense, he challenged the original versions and did himself proud!

Here, Del is up to some more derring-do. Among his selections are some of the rock ‘n’ roll hits by artists other than Del Shannon. His renditions are not attempts to clothe the numbers in some musical form other than rock ‘n’ roll.

Because the numbers are fine examples of the rock ‘n’ roll idiom, Del treats them in their original spirit. With the songs and their original hit interpretations still fresh in the minds of disc fans, Del dares to put his own stamp on them.

The interesting conclusion one draws from listening to these sides is that Del would have had the hit singles versions of these songs if they were the first renditions on the market!

Del, of course, needn’t frustrate himself with might have been. He is one of today’s top singing favourites in his own right. For a good many years, he has created some of the greatest hit sounds.

He writes most most of his material and has a writer’s respect for fine material other than his own. Added to this is the confidence that stems from ability and the talent to express it.

The sound of Del Shannon has already extended its exciting sphere of influence over disc fans in other countries, through records released abroad and appearances all over the world.

But, no matter how many other facets of the entertainment world call upon Del’s services, one hopes he’ll always have time to step into the recording studios and produce sessions like these.

There’s a great deal of pleasure to be had from Del in good old disc form. You, too, can be as happy as the fella who had the swingin’ time counting up the exact number of seconds that serves as the title of this album. listen to how quickly they’ll slip by! 

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