It’s been around six weeks since my last Charity Shop excursion looking for cheap, donated and neglected records that have perhaps found their last resting place in a box of junk next to manky old boots and picture frames.

This time around I decided to look for compact disc too. There are plenty out there on racks, but it’s a case of flicking through hundreds to find something that would interest me.

Today also coincided with ‘Record Store Day 2022’, so I also chanced my arm in ‘Hot Rats’, an independent record shop in Sunderland. 

My first port of call on Thursday was ‘The Tulip Tree’ in Birtley, a charity shop linked with Brysons Animal Shelter in Gateshead.   

They had several boxes full of albums, most of them middle of the road types of tat, classical LPs, at least three copies of Fame, and some cheapo budget ‘remake’ records – the kind of scene I’m looking out for these days.

There were also stacks of singles, some of them without a cover and scratched to buggery. But they were only 50p each, so I bought a few, including a Gary Glitter

Now, aherm . . . dodgy old Gary doesn’t usually get a look in at charity Shops nowadays, it appears that any Glitter donations are quickly despatched to the local furnace. 

Sunderland proved to be a happy hunting ground with two cheap Stranglers CDs, six singles for £3 and a few albums at 50p each.

Hot Rats records were participating in RSD and I picked up The Damned “Strawberries” for £29. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that copies were selling on eBay a few hours later for £50+  

Sadly though, they didn’t have a copy of ‘Foolish Seasons’ by Dana Gillespie. I will probably have to grin and bare whatever price they’re at now!

Coming home today:

Chartbusters Now
– ‘Various’ (Marble Arch MALS 1373) 1970 £2
Troggs – ‘Trogglodynamite’ (Page One POLS 001) 1967 £15
The Exciting Racing Sounds Of Grand Prix (Music For Pleasure MFP 1205) 1967 £2
Julie Felix
– ‘Going To The Zoo’ (Fontana SFL 13117) 1969 £2
TV Times of Top TV Themes
– ‘Various’ (Sounds Superb SPR 90035) 1974 £1.50
Top Of The Pops
– ‘Volume 35’ (Hallmark SHM 845) 1973 £2
Johnny Cash
– ‘The Great Johnny Cash’ (Hallmark CHM 696) 1970 50p
Del Shannon
– ‘Live In England’ (Fame FA 3020) 1973 50p
– ‘Strawberries’ (BMG) Record Store Day 2022 £29 
– ‘Collection’ (Disky) CD 1998 £1.50
– ‘The Collection’ (EMI Gold) CD 1997 £1.50
Alan Price Set
– ‘The House That Jack Built’ (Decca F.12641) 1967 50p
Gary Glitter
– ‘I Love You Love Me Love’ (Bell 1337) 1973 50p
Hugo Montenegro
– ‘The Good, The Bad And The Ugly’ (RCA Victor 1727) 50p 
– ‘Without You’ (RCA Victor 2165) 1972 50p
Bay City Rollers
– ‘I Only Wanna Be With You’ (Bell 1493) 1976 33p
Bay City Rollers
– ‘Give A Little Love’ 1975 (Bell 1425) 33p  
Gary Glitter
– ‘Doing All Right With The Boys’ (Bell 1429) 1975 33p

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