BOBBY VEE – “Do What You Gotta Do” (Liberty LBS 83130E) 1969

“Do What You Gotta Do” . . . but don’t miss this great Bobby Vee album! Bobby is not a star on some distant horizon – he is here, NOW. He feels and sings of today. If you’re a high school freshman or a college grad, Bobby can shout or whisper your message.

If you’re a hippie, Bobby can tell it like it is. If you’re one of the “soul lovers,” Bobby will ease the hurtin’. And if you simply enjoy the best in sounds, Bobby can reach out to you . . . and make you feel the gentle moments of your emotions. 

Young, exciting and talented – that is Bobby Vee’s dimension. Let Bobby envelop and entertain you with his world of music. Let him capture you on a roller coaster ride of diverse experiences.

Travel the tunnel of loneliness as you begin your journey with “Do What You Gotta Do.” Glide down that first giant hill to where “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep.” Be whisked into deep nostalgia with “I Like It Like That.”

Caress the curves and valleys of your many sorrows as you “Let Nobody Love You (While I’m Gone).” Race along the tracks of those tender, stolen moments shared with a love who cried, “I Can’t Help Myself.” Your ride ends with a safe arrival as Bobby sings “That’s What Love Is Made Of.”

In this new album you won’t experience the joy of discovering Bobby Vee. That happened years ago with “Devil or Angel.” 

More likely and uniquely, you will experience involvement in this emerging design of today’s sensational Bobby Vee. And you will relive that new-found experience each time you listen to “Do What You Gotta Do.”

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