Tony & the Bandits hailed from Middletown, Ohio and released two locally successful singles during 1965/66. Here’s an overview of their records.

TONY AND THE BANDITS – ’It’s A Bit Of Alright’ / ‘(Oh No) I Can’t Lose (Flo-Roe FR-500) Aug 1965

This is one of my favourite 45 discoveries in a long time. Both sides are cracking British invasion inspired beat with cool guitar runs and harmonica bursts on ’It’s A Bit Of Alright’.

Tony and the Bandits won a tri-state Battle Of The Bands in early ’65 which tempted Flo-Roe Records to sign them for this debut record that reached Top 10 in Cincinnati, Ohio in August 1965.

This success led them to secure an appearance on TV Show Shindig where they performed their hit ’It’s A Bit Of Alright’ – check it out on YouTube.

The flip ‘(Oh No) I Can’t Lose’ is also a very decent number with a jangly edge.

This single was picked up for national release on Coral.

TONY AND THE BANDITS – ’I’m Goin’ Away’ / ’The Sun Don’t Shine Now That You’ve Gone’ (Coral 62477) 1966

A classic follow up 45 and no less impressive that their debut. ’I’m Goin’ Away’ is another fast paced Merseybeat copy with jangly guitar and way cool harmonica.

’The Sun Don’t Shine Now That You’ve Gone’ is a moody folk rocker.

I’m not sure why singer/songwriter Tony Brazis would want to leave such a great band but leave he did after the release of this record.

His replacement was Ivan Browne from a local band called Ivan and the Sabers. With leader Tony Brazis gone it was pointless going by the name of Tony and the Bandits so a name change was due and they became known as The Lemon Pipers.

Everyone knows they then hit the big time with ’Green Tambourine’.

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