TOP OF THE POPS – “Volume 28” (Hallmark SHM 810) December 1972

Being the December release of this particular ‘Top Of The Pops’ set I’m sure the sales would have been high, quite possibly as high as Noddy Holder’s platform boots. Incidentally, Slade are represented here with their power-house rocker “Gudbuy T’Jane”.  

Overall though, the standards have reached criminal level. “Solid Gold Easy Action” starts off WAY too fast, I actually thought that I was playing the record at 45rpm. Don’t know what the problem was there, perhaps the producer was more interested in his sherbert dip or something?

The Rod Stewart sound-a-like for his number “Angel” is a train-wreck that caused carnage through-out the couple of minutes he was straining and croaking.

Pickwick International obviously didn’t have the budget necessary to recreate a herd of deep guttural neighing horses for the intro to “Crazy Horses” so they probably borrowed a few stray cats from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and stomped on their tails for the necessary sound effects.

“Rock Me” isn’t a bad effort and no doubt sounds better than the David Cassidy original.

The rest of the album is tripe until we get to the end of side two where we have interesting versions of Blue Mink and Slade hits.

If I got the LP back in December 1972 as a Chrimbo present I may have been tempted to burn it under the artificial Christmas tree.

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Sleeve notes:

HEY THERE, GOOD LOOKING … … this album is the finest gift you can give any pop friend, relation, wife, husband, girl friend, boy friend, or whoever – for birthdays, for anniversaries – or just because.

Every issue of Hallmark “TOP OF THE POPS” sells in hundreds of thousands throughout the world and the reason is simple. We do our very best to supply the finest pop music at a price within the reach of all lovers of pops music.

We’ve got a team of trendy types – technicians, artists, musicians and backroom boys – straining every nerve to keep you right in the swing of the real thing, the jumping, swinging, psychedelic scene of modern pop music.

So, here’s our twenty-eighth issue, packed solid with twelve hit songs, all buzzing around at or near the top of the charts – or on the way.

Wanna help us top our record figure of a third of a million copies of one edition? We’ve done our best to give you the best.

What about it, huh?

Side 1          

  • Solid Gold Easy Action Originally a hit for T. Rex

  • Angel Originally a hit for Rod Stewart

  • Crazy Horses Originally a hit for The Osmonds

  • Ben Originally a hit for Michael Jackson

  • Rock Me Baby Originally a hit for David Cassidy

  • Little Drummer Boy Originally a hit for The Pipes And Drums And Military Band Of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Side 2

  • My Ding-A-Ling Originally a hit for Chuck Berry

  • Why Originally a hit for Donny Osmond

  • Shotgun Wedding Originally a hit for Roy C

  • Long Haired Lover From Liverpool Originally a hit for Jimmy Osmond

  • Stay With Me Originally a hit for Blue Mink

  • Gudbuy T’ Jane Originally a hit for Slade


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