THE SEMI-COLONS – ’Beachcomber’/’Set Aside’ (Cameo Parkway C-468) April 1967

For those who don’t know, The Semi-Colons were in fact ? and the Mysterians. Why Cameo Parkway released this 45 as The Semi-Colons is probably lost in time but if anyone knows be sure to contact me or leave a message.

’Beachcomber’ was first recorded and released by Bobby Darin in 1960. His original version is a slow piano instrumental. The Semi-Colons on the other hand whip up the tempo somewhat and transform it into a ’67 go-go dancer.

The flip ’Set-Aside’ can be found on the debut ? and the Mysterians album ’96 Tears’. This is quite a slow instro that doesn’t really go anywhere, although I do dig the guitar. Both sides were produced by Cameo Parkway staff producer Neil Bogart who would go onto Buddah Records and work on many hits during the bubblegum era.

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