“Yellow Paper Suns” is my new blog / project with a focus on the records released during the punk explosion of the late 1970s.

I will unearth vintage record and gig reviews, music press interviews, punk ephemera, unleash beautiful 7″ record label and cover scans, find obscure / rare band photos published in magazines & fanzines.

  • reject the mainstream
  • cash from chaos
  • believe in the ruins
  • never trust a hippie
  • anarchy is the key
  • do it yourself is the melody

I will also create Mixcloud playlists dedicated to the music under scrutiny and critical observation on Yellow Paper Suns.

Although my focus is on 1970s punk rock, new wave and post punk recordings, I will occasionally allow myself to indulge in my obsession with psychedelic and garage punk releases during the mid eighties.

opulent conceptions

My old site “Opulent Conceptions” has recently moved from Blogger. Every post going back to March 2007 has been archived. None of these ancient archived posts have been given a category status, but there are tags to enable the search option.

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