This is my new blog of song reviews, photos from the past, comedy, literature, clothing items, films and TV series, cats, childhood experiences, Leeds United and all of my many other interests and loves.

I’m also going to focus on punk, new wave, post punk and neo-psychedelic records released during the period 1977 – 1985. This is the music that I became a little obsessed with during my teenage years.

So, after decades of listening almost entirely to 1960s psychedelia and USA garage beat I’m currently in the process of re-tuning the spectrum and altering the oscillation rates within the electromagnetic fields of my mind and locating a new frequency range in my head.

I have now decided that the time is right, the stars are perfectly aligned and my cat has pissed on the floor again. Move over rover, let Colin take over.

“I will fly a yellow paper sun in your sky
When the wind is high, When the wind is high”

What People Say

This site is way-out man. What a trip. Colin is a mind bender and can do no wrong in my eyes.

Sky Saxon

When I stumbled upon this Outta-Site I thought I was still tripping on Mescaline.

Gram Parsons

This is the type of blog I’ve been trying to find since I left the Army in 1959.

Sgt Bilko

Let’s build something together.