This is the foreboding chamber within
“Thee Crypt” where I’ll promote raw, primitive but extremely stylish modern day fuzztoned Garage Punk singles. Many of these outsider rock ‘n’ roll garage bands have even released albums on obscure independent record labels. Seek and you will find enlightenment.

THE COURETTES“Want You! Like A Cigarette” / “Night Time (The Boy Of Mine)” (Damaged Goods Records 530) July 2020

The Courettes are a new band on the scene, a duo with Brazil / Denmark connections, who’ve released a handful of records and are regarded as one of the most exciting outfits creating thee garage trash sonics for years. 

Their sound is fresh, stirring, thrilling and laden with punk rock attitude, harking back to the early ’60s Beat era for energy and skillful MONOphonic production values.

“Want You! Like A Cigarette” is a beautifully created, commercially enriching fuzz cruncher. The band utilise vintage instruments, Trixon drums, Vox, Selmer, tambourines, hand-claps, there’s even a mellotron in the mix.

It’s one of those perfect 45s that comes around every so often. BUY it! Their two-pronged live shows of caveman drums and fuzz guitar attack are also a righteous unholy racket.

THE COURETTES “Hop The Twig” / “Only Happy When You’re Gone” (Damaged Goods Records 555) April 2021

The latest 45 from The Courettes also makes it into “Thee Crypt” and it’s a richly deserved entry.

“Hop The Twig” is not an instantly memorable number like “Want You! Like A Cigarette” purely because this cut is a lot harder edged, however, one can’t help but fall for the spirited Duane Eddy inspired reverb ‘n’ twang thrill of the opening guitar riff.

Pure dynamite and it’s this rock-a-beat rhythm pulse, along with the period style echoed drum pounding that gives “Hop The Twig” long-lasting reACTION!

Stir into this potent mix some ’50s style rock ‘n’ roll piano along with thee cavegirl screams from the exceptional Flávia Couri and we have another untamed hot disc.

THE MAGGIE’S MARSHMALLOWS“Come Along” / “Born Loser” (Get Hip GH-261) September 2014

I’m a bit late discovering this potent teenage drama-rama garage punk 45. But it’s better late than never!

Maggie’s Marshmallows hail from Prague in the Czech Republic, not a country usually associated with fuzztoned wanton mayhem.

However, this disc contains the perfect type of garage punk that I have loved for decades. Simple, straight-forward, uncomplicated and a nasty noise created by young outsider punks with enough fuzz and moodiness to stop rampaging elephants in their tracks.

The lead singer / bass player hides her face behind long hair and plays barefoot, the drummer lays down a glorious primitive beat and the lead guitarist is tall, lean, even mysterious and dressed to kill.

A perfectly formed fuzzy disturbance and a disc richly deserving its place in “Thee Crypt”.

Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2018 so it appears all over for this Prague outfit.

THE MOURNING AFTER“Goodnight God Bless” / “Ain’t My Woman” (Chaputa! CHR 7029) April 2021

The Mourning After are an enduring and much admired garage band from Sheffield. After years of inactivity they’ve recently started gigging and creating music again.

Some of their home-studio recordings from “The Purple Pit” have recently surfaced on limited 45 pressings and this powerful two-sider on Chaputa! Records is one of their best ever.

“Goodnight God Bless” has insidious fuzz and tremolo effects throughout underpinned by the snaking Seeds like repetitive keyboard riff.

Vocals are crisp and clear, the drummer batters away at his kit effectively and the production is intentionally raw and uncluttered culminating in a garage punk sound that is impossible to ignore. 

THE SOUND REASONS –  “Till The End Of Time” / “If I Cared” (Groovie Records GROO110EP) December 2013

Back in 2013 Los Angeles based outfit The Sound Reasons unleashed their debut 45 on Portuguese label Groovie Records.

On the flip of the single is “If I Cared”, a battering-ram of unhinged fuzztoned guitar and quick / slow tempo changes.

It’s an authentic sounding ’66 garage punk raver and a number that has earned its right to be included within “The Crypt”.

The Sound Reasons released their album “Walk With My Shadow” in 2018 and it’s a slab of wax that I’ve not yet heard.

If the material is as strong and soaked in primordial fuzz like the gem “If I Cared” then it’s sure gonna be a mind wrecking trip when I finally get to hear it!