They had a sock drawer for an office, almost no money and more dreams than common sense. But when Edwyn Collins and Alan Horne decided to start up their own record label from a shabby Glasgow flat, no one was going to stand in their way.

Postcard Records was the mad, makeshift and quite preposterous result. Launching the careers of Orange Juice, Aztec Camera and cult heroes Josef K, they stuck it to the London music biz and, quite by accident, kick-started the 1980s indie music revolution. (Simon Goddard)

Postcard Record releases

WISH001 ORANGE JUICE“Felicity” – November 1979 (One-track 33rpm ‘I Wish I Was A Postcard’ flexi-disc. Label centre featuring the full Louis Wain musical kittens illustration. 2,500 copies pressed, intended as an extra with the aborted fanzine Strawberry Switchblade. Copies then given away free with the Orange Juice single “Falling And Laughing.”

80-1 ORANGE JUICE“Falling And Laughing” b/w “Moscow Olympics” / “Moscow” – February 1980, officially, a total of 963 copies pressed.

80-2ORANGE JUICE“Blue Boy” b/w “Lovesick” – August 1980, first press of 2,086 with blue disc labels in a hand-coloured reversible sleeve. After securing Rough Trade distribution, the next pressings became the first Postcard release to use the cowboy design sleeve: originally white with white A-side and yellow and red B-side disc labels, later issued in brown sleeve and labels.

80-3 JOSEF K“Radio Drill Time” b/w “Crazy To Exist” – August 1980, first copies came in a hand-coloured reversible sleeve. Later issued in white, then brown, cowboy sleeves.

80-4GO-BETWEENS“I Need Two Heads” b/w “Stop Before You Say It” – November 1980, first issued in white, then brown, cowboy sleeve and disc labels.

80-5JOSEF K – “It’s Kinda Funny” b/w “Final Request” – November 1980, brown cowboy sleeve and disc labels, A-side with hazy group portrait.

80-6 ORANGE JUICE“Simply Thrilled Honey” b/w “Breakfast Time” – November 1980, brown cowboy sleeve and labels, A-side with group head-shots.

81-1JOSEF K“Sorry For Laughing” LP – January 1981, intended as Josef K’s debut album and pressed up as a limited white-label but never commercially released.

81-2ORANGE JUICE“Poor Old Soul” b/w “Poor Old Soul Pt 2” – March 1981, the last of Orange Juice’s four Postcard singles and the first appearance of the new black Scottish design sleeve, the reverse with label discography listing the next four scheduled singles. Pink disc label with illustration of a child staring at a record on the B-side. First 10,000 copies came with postcard insert with handwritten lyrics and cat cartoon by Edwyn Collins.

81-3AZTEC CAMERA“Just Like Gold” / “We Could Send Letters” – March 1981, Scottish design sleeve, blue disc with pictures of dancing children on the B-side. First copies came with postcard insert with handwritten lyrics and group picture.

81-4JOSEF K“Sorry For Laughing” b/w “Revelation” – March 1981, released by Belgium’s Les Disques du Crepuscule in a colour picture sleeve with a cartoon of the band, catalogue number TWI 023.

81-5JOSEF K“Chance Meeting” b/w “Pictures” – June 1981, last of the Scottish design sleeve singles. Green disc label with band photo on A-side. Initial copies came with postcard insert with handwritten lyrics and a black and white photograph of a large litter of wild dog pups.

81-7JOSEF K“The Only Fun In Town” LP – July 1981, the only album released on Postcard. Black and gold sleeve, black and gold disc labels. Inner bag featuring lyrics and a collage of photos.

81-8 AZTEC CAMERA“Mattress Of Wire” b/w “Lost Outside The Tunnel” – August 1981, the last Postcard record. Yellow disc labels with hand-drawn tartan design coming housed in a picture sleeve showing an ancient Roman.

the following were assigned Postcard catalogue numbers but were never released

81-3AZTEC CAMERA “Green Jacket Grey” b/w “Real Tears” – this item was listed in the Rough Trade catalogue compiled at the end of 1980. These had been early Aztec Camera demos recorded prior to Postcard. Number 81-3 became “Just Like Gold” instead.

81-5ORANGE JUICE“Ostrich Churchyard” LP – again listed in the Rough Trade catalogue compiled at the end of 1980.

81-6ORANGE JUICE“Wan Light” b/w “You Old Eccentric” – this single was listed on the back of the Scottish design sleeve but remained in the Postcard vaults.

81-9GO-BETWEENS“Your Turn, My Turn” – listed in the 1981 Independent Labels Catalogue and first issued in July 1981 on Melbourne’s Missing Link label.

81-10ORANGE JUICE“You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever” LP – listed in the 1981 Independent Labels Catalogue. Funded by Rough Trade but released instead on Polydor in February 1982.

81-11SECRET GOLDFISH“Hey Mister”

81-12BLUEBELLS“Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool” – listed in the 1981 Independent Labels Catalogue. First released on London Records as the B-side of their debut single “Forevermore”.

81-13AZTEC CAMERA “Green Jacket Grey” – proposed title of the debut Aztec Camera album, but never recorded.



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