1960s Compositions recorded by various artists and performers

Many ’60s songs were not only recorded by the original writers but also by many other groups and performers. Some, more successful than others.

Several cover versions were massive hits and out-sold the original artist’s release. I will endeavour to research some of my favourite songs here on ‘Yellow Paper Suns’, highlighting not only the very well-known records but I’ll also zoom in on the long-forgotten and ignored 45s and LP tracks.

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Harry Nilsson‘s introspective 1967 song “One” has led me to investigate several other versions recorded in 1968 / 69 including Bobby Vee, Three Dog Night, Al Kooper, Johnny Farnham and blond soul bombshell Chris Clark.

The interpretations of the song mostly stick with the baroque psych arrangement.

VAN DYKE PARKS – “High Coin”

The next song under my spotlight for the next few weeks is “High Coin” by Van Dyke Parks. I’m not sure if he ever recorded a studio version himself but there are numerous attempts by others, mostly done in a folk-rock style.

I know versions by Harpers Bizarre, The Charlatans, Rick Jarrard, Skip Battyn, Bobby Vee, Jackie de Shannon, WCPAEB, Southall Riot, Mike Wilhelm, A. Ruthann Friedman and The Fault Line.